February 7, 2020
by Briana Grzybowski
The Cimorelli sisters, Katherine, Dani, Christina, Lauren, Amy, and Lisa, six of 11 children from a Nashville-based musical, Catholic homeschooling family, aim to bring a positive message to their fans, which include 5.3 million subscribers on their YouTube channel and 2.2 million followers on Facebook.

When sisters Katherine, Dani, Christina, Lauren, Amy and Lisa Cimorelli were growing up in California, their mom taught them how to sing and play piano. The girls, six of 11 kids in a musical Catholic homeschooling family, fell in love with it.
Eventually, they dreamed of starting their own band and started playing at coffee shops and church festivals in their small town of El Dorado Hills.
Their first big break came in 2009, when they uploaded to YouTube a video of themselves singing Miley Cyrus’s song “Party in the USA.”
Since then, their journey in the music industry has taken them from Los Angeles, where they spent five years at Island Records UK working with famous producers and collaborating with well-known artists, to the countless cities they’ve visited on tour across the U.S., Europe and South America; to Nashville, where they now reside as independent artists.
Additionally, they were nominated for a Teen Choice Award three years in a row, winning once in 2013 for Choice Web Star. They have also amassed quite a large following on social media, with 5.3 million subscribers to their YouTube channel and 2.2 million followers on Facebook.
The sisters decided to break away from the Hollywood life and make a fresh start in Nashville in 2015, looking for a greater sense of creative freedom than what they were given in the traditional music industry mold.
But that also meant they would be responsible for a lot of the business and production work that other people used to do for them. Since then, the band has become a family business, with the girls’ parents and older brother Mike pitching in to help.
“Our mom is our manager, helping us out with booking gigs and being our media contact person,” Katherine said. “Dad helps out more with the business side of things, with legal work and contracts. And our brother Mike goes with us on the road as our sound technician.”
Although the sisters are devout Catholics, they cannot necessarily be labeled as Christian musicians, as they’ve experimented with many different genres of music. But their faith is the main driving force behind everything they do.
“Our faith is a part of every decision we make as a band,” Katherine said. “It determines what songs we cover, whether or not we need to slightly edit the lyrics in more explicit songs, and what type of messages we put out as a group. We really want our work to be positive and uplifting for everyone who listens to us.”
That is, in fact, their main goal as a group. “A lot of the media out there nowadays is really toxic to young people, selling them these negative ideas about self-worth and relationships and body image and what have you,” Katherine said. “And a lot of young people have reached out to us sharing their personal struggles with these issues. We want our music to give them a message of hope and spread some light to those dark places in their lives.”
In addition to their music, the girls also have their own podcast and have recently written a book. “Our book, ‘Believe in You,’ was published this past October,” Katherine said. “All six of us collaborated on it, and it’s especially aimed at teenaged girls. It’s basically the book that we wish we could have read when we were younger, where we share stories and advice about things that were helpful and not so helpful for us as we were growing up.”
Their podcast, called the Cimorelli Podcast, operates in a similar vein. “The podcast episodes have a lot of girly, relatable things in them; from personal stories to discussing body image and mental health,” she said. “We’ve had a lot of fun with it.”
The near future for the band holds a lot of changes and learning how to adjust to them. “Our youngest sister Dani just recently left the band within the past few weeks to pursue a career in graphic design, and my sister Lisa and I are both getting married later this year. We’ll still be putting out new music and uploading new videos to YouTube every week, but we need to figure out how to be innovative about that and accommodate all these changes that are happening.”
 Those who want to follow Cimorelli on social media can find them on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. 

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