Local musician and his father combine talents on new single

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Growing up, singer and songwriter, Ryan Tremblay always looked up to his father, Bob Tremblay, as a model to follow.

“When we talk about St. Joseph and being somebody who definitely cared for the Holy Family and led the Holy Family, I immediately think of my dad,” explained Tremblay, a parishioner of Mother Teresa Church in Nolensville. “I think of his example to me as a Catholic husband to my mom, a Catholic father to me and my sister, and now a grandfather to his grandkids and even a father-in-law to the extended family. He is just the epitome of what it means to be a man of kindness and love.”

This is not his only connection to his father, however, as he also credits him for introducing him to his love of music. When he was younger, Tremblay would often travel with his father to various gigs playing at nursing homes, parties, and more.

“The musical connection we have is just as great a part of our relationship as the rest of it,” Tremblay said.

That’s why, when Tremblay penned his song, “Like Father, Like Son,” which was released on Friday, Oct. 20, during a songwriter’s retreat last fall, he knew his dad had to be part of it.

“To have him as a guest and to have him featured on this particular song in such a high-quality way, to me this was a gift that I was giving back to my dad for all the years and all the support that he had given to me,” Tremblay explained. “There’s this thought when you move to Nashville that you’ve already made it because just being in the community alone sets you up for success.

“You’re no longer in a place where you’re just beginning; you’re in one of the major cities of the United States of America,” he continued. “Instead of looking at the success as if it’s just for me, I wanted to offer that success to my dad as well and that seems to be a theme that I didn’t see coming with this song but has been a blessing.”

“To me, it was a big way to celebrate all that my dad had done for me, and it’s really cool to think that the world is going to hear his voice now,” Tremblay added. “I hope it’s not the last recording, and I hope he does many more either with me or on his own as a solo artist.”

Bob Tremblay said when his son first asked him to sing on the song, his first thought was “the time has come.”

“Ryan had been trying to get me to record for quite a while, and when he told me the song title was ‘Like Father, Like Son,’ and he wanted our father and son voices together on it, I knew we needed to get this done,” he said. “The studio was really a fantastic experience being able to record at such a super high level with (Full Circle Music producers) Michael “X” O’Connor and Seth Mosley, and their amazing, wonderfully talented team.”

On May 8, father and son, as well as Ryan Tremblay’s wife, Elizabeth Tremblay, went into the Full Circle Music Studio to record it. The song, co-written by Benji Cowart, Josh Bissell, Jennifer Burroughs, and Nick Lewkowski, focuses on God’s love for all humanity, epitomized in the gift of Jesus.

“God gave us His only begotten Son and the power of that story is filled with hope,” Ryan Tremblay explained. “It’s something where I feel for those who may not have meditated on that truth, that gift that God has given us, this song will help them do that.

“This song, in real time, will help listeners to see God in the beginning and then Jesus being given to us as our savior and the ultimate sacrifice He gave for us on the cross and what that means for all humanity,” he added.

Bob Tremblay agreed.

“I believe that this song is indeed a very special song and that anyone who hears it will receive blessed hope for their lives,” he said. “My wish for this song is that it will bring that hope to as many people as possible.”

This message is further emphasized by the cover art for the single. Designed by Sam Hart, it features the crucifix that hangs behind the altar of St. Joseph Church in Madison. While Ryan Tremblay saw the crucifix for the first time long before the song was written, “I think, subconsciously, the crucifix did inspire that desire to write this song,” he said. “It was just so beautiful.”

When he pointed it out to his father during the latter’s visit to Nashville for the recording session, he agreed, taking a photo with his iPhone. That picture serves as the single’s cover. “He made sure it was nicely done so now he gets a photo credit, too,” Ryan Tremblay said.

“Like Father, Like Son”was digitally released on all major streaming platforms, including Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes, and Amazon Music, as well as at RyanTremblayMusic.com, on Friday, Oct. 20, a significant day for both Ryan and Bob Tremblay.

Not only is it the one-year anniversary from writing the song, “I wanted to release it on my birthday, the anniversary of the first day I met my dad,” Ryan Tremblay said. “My hope, too, for the song is that, in taking a look at our story, Christians and non-Christians, Catholics and non-Catholics can take a look at their relationship with God and ask themselves, ‘Where am I in that walk?’

“And, hopefully, our walk as father and son can help them on their journeys as well and help them to draw deeper into the relationship that is offered through Jesus and the Church.”

“‘Like Father, Like Son’ is a very special song that could not be released at a better time,” Bob Tremblay added. “It is needed now more than ever with all that is currently happening in the world.”

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