Priests celebrate milestone anniversaries

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Several priests serving and living in the Diocese of Nashville will mark milestone anniversaries of their priestly ordination this year. Among them are:

  • Father Paul Hostettler, retired, of Nashville, June 3, 1950, 70 years.
  • Father Fred Klettner, retired, of Franklin, June 5, 1965, 55 years.
  • Father Alfred Wilder, O.P., chaplain at the Motherhouse of the Dominican Sisters of St. Cecilia in Nashville, June 5, 1965, 55 years.
  • Father Michael Roark, retired, of Smyrna, May 2, 1970, 50 years
  • Father John Kirk, retired, of Nashville, May 9, 1970, 50 years.
  • Father Michael Johnston, retired, of Nashville, Dec. 18, 1970, 50 years.
  • Father Kevin Dowling, retired, of Waverly, Sept. 5, 1980, 40 years.
  • Father Davis Chackaleckel, MSFS, Pastor of St. Catherine Church in Columbia, Nov. 9, 1980, 40 years.
  • Father Bala Showraiah, OFM, Pastor of St. Philip Church in Franklin, May 29, 1990, 30 years.
  • Father Mark Beckman, Pastor of St. Henry Church in Nashville, July 13, 1990, 30 years.
  • Father John Raphael, Chaplain at Saint Thomas Health hospitals in Nashville, May 20, 1995, 25 years.
  • Father Theophilus Ebuleume, Pastor of Holy Name Church in Nashville, July 22, 1995, 25 years.
  • Father Fernando Lopez Dominguez, Pastor of Our Lady of Guadalupe Church in Nashville, Aug. 25, 2000, 20 years.
  • Father Regimon Augustine, MSFS, pastor of St. John the Evangelist Church in Lewisburg, Dec. 28, 2000, 20 years.
  • Father Andrew Bulso, Associate Pastor of St. Henry Church in Nashville and Chaplain of the diocesan Catholic Youth Office, June 12, 2015, five years.
  • Father Ben Butler, Pastor of St. Martha Church in Ashland City and St. Pius X Church in Nashville, June 12, 2015, five years.
  • Father Emanuel Dirichukwu, Associate Pastor of St. Stephen Catholic Community in Old Hickory, June 12, 2015, five years.
  • Father Austin Gilstrap, Director of Vocations and Director of Deacon Formation for the Diocese of Nashville, June 12, 2015, five years.
  • Father Eric Johansen, Associate Pastor of St. Thomas Aquinas Church in Cookeville, June 12, 2015, five years.
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