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The past year has been filled with upheaval and challenges for the Catholic Church in the Diocese of Nashville and around the world.

The Tennessee Register has worked to keep the faithful of the diocese informed as parishes, schools and other groups and agencies have grappled with the many challenges posed by the COVID-19 pandemic.

That coverage is part of the Tennessee Register’s mission to bring a glimpse of the breadth and depth of the Church, from the grand chapels of the Vatican to the smallest parishes in the diocese and everywhere in between, to our readers every day. The paper is the flagship communications tool of the diocese, delivering in-depth articles and excellent photographs from the Catholic Church in Middle Tennessee and around the world.

As the award-winning Tennessee Register observes Catholic Press Month this February, we are asking you to renew your subscription to this valuable publication that has been the “voice of Tennessee Catholic Life since 1937.”

With every story we write, our aim is to chronicle the life of the diocese as well as give readers a glimpse of life in the universal Church.

The Register’s excellence has been recognized nationally. It is one of the most decorated publications in the American Catholic press, and several times has received the General Excellence award from the Catholic Press Association, one of the highest honors for diocesan newspapers.

Your subscription of $29 not only funds the operations of the Tennessee Register, but also supports key communications efforts in the diocese, including the websites of the Diocese of Nashville and the Tennessee Register, and design work provided for other departments and ministries of the diocese.

According to diocesan policy, a minimum of 70 percent of households in each parish must receive the Tennessee Register. If less than 70 percent of families pay for their own subscription, the parish must make up the difference. So, renewing your subscription will not only keep you informed about the Church, local and universal, it will allow you to help lighten the financial load of your parish.

An envelope to renew your subscription will be included in the Feb. 5 and Feb. 19 issues of the paper. If you lose your renewal envelope, contact your parish or call Nancy Mattson at the Register office at 615-783-0750 to get another.

You can pay through your parish by dropping your subscription renewal envelope in the collection basket at Mass. If you mail your payment directly to the Register office, be sure to specify the parish where you are registered so that your parish will get credit for your payment.

Readers can also renew their subscription online at the Register’s website:

Please drop your subscription renewal in the mail or collection basket today or fill out the online subscription form so you can stay informed and do your part to support the diocese’s most important communications tool, the Tennessee Register.

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