Rachel’s Vineyard retreat offers abortion healing

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Abortion can leave deep wounds for people affected, either directly or indirectly. Rachel’s Vineyard is a program that can help people begin the healing process.

A Rachel’s Vineyard Retreat for Healing the Wounds of Abortion will be offered November 11-13, in the Diocese of Owensboro, Kentucky.  

Participation is open to any woman or man who has been involved, or touched by, abortion, including those who lost a child or grandchild, or a sibling, nephew or niece, to abortion, or those who have at any time in their life been involved in an abortion. The Lord Jesus offers both healing and peace.

Both Catholics and non-Catholics are welcome to participate, and the retreat is conducted with absolute confidentiality.

The retreat will be led by a team of trained volunteers, all of whom have made the retreat in the past. 

For more information, visit HopeAfterAbortionKY.com, or call Rita on a confidential line at 270-474-4707.

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