St. Ann Church to host speaker on Eucharistic miracles 

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St. Ann Church will host national Catholic speaker Tim Francis who will give a presentation on Eucharistic miracles and their meaning on March 6 and 7. 

Francis was raised as a Catholic but fell away from the Church as a college student. “I grew up thinking church was absolutely boring,” he said in a video promoting his appearance at St. Ann. 

After settling in Dallas, Texas, he and his wife joined a large evangelical Church. But his mother continued to send him information about the Catholic faith. 

Francis did come back to the Catholic Church after watching a television program in which a journalist traveled the world examining phenomena that seemed to have no natural explanation to determine if they were miracles or hoaxes. Although initially skeptical, the journalist came away convinced they were true miracles. 

“This changed me,” Francis said of the television program. He came back to the Church and started studying Catholic mystics. 

Some of the miracles Francis will talk about in his presentation, “Signs from God: Miracles and Their Meaning,” include a statue of Christ weeping human tears and bleeding human blood; multiple communion hosts tested by science that transformed into human heart tissue; and a woman experiencing the Stigmata. 

“All of this has tremendous meaning,” Francis said in the video. “There’s a message behind every miracle.” 

Francis will speak at St. Ann Church, 5101 Charlotte Ave., from 6-8:30 p.m. on Sunday, March 6, and Monday, March 7. The presentations will be the same, so people can choose to attend on the day most convenient for them. 

The public is invited. For more information, call the St. Ann Church office at 615-298-1782. 

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